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Introduction to Equine Care

Learn the Basics from the Hoof Up

This is one on one introductory course into equine care and riding that will serve as the foundation for your lifelong equestrian endeavors

Back to the Basics

The beginning of our session will include a full breakdown of what is expected around a horse including safety etiquette, tack and brushes, and general anatomy.


The second half of our session will bring us to our hands-on portion of the lesson. You will learn how to properly catch, halter, and lead a horse. We will cover the correct and incorrect ways to tie a horses and go in detail about brushing, hoof care, and horse health.

From the Ground Up

Everyones goal is to eventually climb on the back of the horse. But there are many steps before we get there including gaining and understanding trust on the ground, proper tacking and equipment, and safety procedures on and off horseback. This entire course will help you feel confident and capable around horses, as well as, on their backs. These  are valuable lifelong lessons that will impact the far reaches of your life....

If your are intrested in participation in this 1-on-1 course please contact us to set up an appointment. 

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Fall 2021

What's going on at the homestead...

Container Gardening

After our move to Arizona, I was daunted by the idea of starting up my garden again. We had so much to unpack and horses to settle in. As the weather started to cool down I felt the urge to get my hands in the dirt again. I stood outside and thought 'where the heck do I even start?'. Our soil is sandy and hardened with clay...not the ideal growing medium. As much as I love a neat and permeant garden set-up I had to bite the bullet and get back into container gardening. Check out my blog posts about how to start a garden in containers and if they are right for your area.

hgic_veg_container_leafy greens_JT_1600.jpeg


We are very lucky to live in a climate with extremely mild fall and winter temperatures. Our 'first frost' doesn't occur until January or February therefore we are able to extend our usable growing time by over 2 months. This year, we decided to go with a 'greens' heavy crop of mustard, salad blend, kale, and Swiss chard. In addition, we have a great crop of carrots and turnips growing with our small bush beans.



If you want to own an animal that would eat a $20 bill every day and give you nothing in return, get a horse. We currently have 4 horses and they do a whole lot of nothing except soak in the sun and eat hay. But at the end of the day if they are happy... so am I. Thankfully, our hay bill has been significantly reduced since we found a quality bulk dealer and our Introduction to Equine Care program has really helped give them a job and sense of purpose again. If you are looking to get hands-on with an equine contact us to set up an appointment. 


◊ Farmers Market ◊

Find us at the Sonoran Farmers Market. Sundays 8am-12pm 
East Valley Shopping Center
300 Apache Trail, Apache Junction AZ 85119


Fresh Produce

Pick up your local favorites. Fall harvest will include Swiss, chard, salad greens, kohlrabi, kale, green onion, melon, turnip, carrot, & bush beans


Sourdough Starter

Bring home your own sourdough starter pre-fed and ready to make yummy baked goods for you! Authentic Mason Jar included with care instructions and beginner recipe.